Eight surprising tips to beat the sniffly season

Eight tips to beat colds and flu this winter 

As qualified ‘stress busters’, we take our work seriously at Deshons. Here’s how we promise to help support your health this winter!

A Deshons stay keeps the doctor away

We’ve talked about stress before and unless you’re a buddhist monk chances are that you regularly experience stress. Studies have shown a clear relationship between life stress and those who catch colds. This increases for each additional increment of perceived stress, with chronic long-term stress producing more susceptibility than acute short-term stressors.

A regular stay at Deshons helps you to reset your stress boundaries in a number of surprising ways. Read on to learn more.

Source at Psychological Science

Get into the country

Research has shown that getting into nature’s ‘green space’ helps to buffer stressful events and improve overall health.

Winter at Deshons is filled with lush greenery, blue skies, warm fires and fresh air. Need we say more?

Source: “Green space as a buffer between stressful life events and health” from Social Science & Medicine, Volume 70, Issue 8, April 2010, Pages 1203-1210

Take some time out to chat and write

When you’ve been through a tough time you can often get too busy to reflect on what’s happened or worse still, actively avoid thoughts and feelings that have caused pain. Studies have shown that this kind of inhibition is strongly correlated with increases in health problems. So how can we minimise these effects? The research has shown that actively talking about confronting experiences and writing it out helps to improve health and immune system functioning.

At Deshons you have freedom from distractions to take stock of your stressors and time to gently uncover the things that could be limiting a great life.

Source: Disclosure of traumas and psychosomatic processes.” from Soc Sci Med. 1988;26(3):327-32.

Get enough sleep

Our modern lives make getting enough sleep difficult, and even when we do its often broken and light.

In studies performed by David Dinges, the head of the Sleep and Chronobiology Laboratory at the University of Pennsylvania Hospital, people who sleep for six hours or less, after a two week period, were as impaired as people who had been sleep deprived for a 24 hour period—the cognitive equivalent of being drunk!

Lack of sleep makes you more likely to:

  • be sick,
  • make bad decisions,
  • behave unethically, 

    Source: “Lack of sleep and unethical conduct” from Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes

  • be less beautiful, and 

    Source: “Beauty sleep: experimental study on the perceived health and attractiveness of sleep deprived people” from BMJ 2010; 341:c6614

  • be generally unhappy.

Its also harder to be happy. Our brains have two particular processing areas: the amygdala for negative memories and the hippocampus for positive and neutral memories. Sleep deprivation wears our hippocampus down faster, meaning that it becomes hard to remember positive events but easier to remember negative events.

At Deshons we’re on top of the sleeping situation. That’s why we’ve made sure that each retreat has a luxurious king sized bed with cosy linen and quiet surrounds. A warm bath in our deep soaker-tubs helps to induce rest, and we also encourage sleep ins!

Source at New York Times

Get happy

Being more optimistic has been shown to be associated with better heart health and immune-system functioning as well as reduced risk of stroke. Those who have positive expectations tend to actively take steps to promote health.

By booking a stay at Deshons you’re committing to a positive treat for yourself!

Source on Science Daily

Exploring Deshons and Kingaroy keeps infections away

Researchers found that the risk of catching a cold or flu and of having severe infections, drop for those who exercise moderately. This is defined by gentle movement like walking. But beware gym junkies, intense exercise for prolonged periods will shoot the risks of colds up again.

For best results we recommend an adventure in and around the South Burnett, being sure to take plenty of leisurely strolls around Deshons.

Source at New York Times

Sheba gives you positive immune system effects

That’s right, petting a dog has shown to raise general health and immunity in particular.

Source: CARL J. CHARNETSKI, SANDRA RIGGERS and FRANCIS X. BRENNAN (2004) EFFECT OF PETTING A DOG ON IMMUNE SYSTEM FUNCTION. Psychological Reports: Volume 95, Issue , pp. 1087-1091.

Other studies have shown that having a dog speeds up recovery rates for heart attack patients, lowers hypertension more effectively than common drugs, and showed that dog people coped well with everyday stress, had high self-esteem, were more relaxed and less likely to be diagnosed with depression. (In fact a dog is more healthy than having a spouse…but we won’t go there!) Sorry cat owners…while we love the furry felines, the same positive effects weren’t seen with cats.

Source at Bakadesuyo

Deshons a cure all

A 2015 study by the University of Queensland showed that visitors to Deshons experienced a 82% improvement in areas of well-being and life expectancy.

We made that bit up, but continuous streams of research show that people’s belief about a treatment clearly effects the actual outcomes. Its called the placebo effect and it significantly influences subjective symptoms. The best thing about it is that a placebo treatment doesn’t need to be concealed for it to be effective.

So as professional relaxation experts, we prescribe you a regular dose of private retreat (and delicious local breakfast) at Deshons for important boosts to your health!